2019-2020 CSN Catalog 
    Feb 18, 2020  
2019-2020 CSN Catalog

Glazier, CA [GLAZ-CT, 30 Total Credits]

This is a restricted entry program. Students MUST be indentured in the Glaziers Apprenticeship Program before enrolling in classes. Special consideration will be given students who complete the Glaziers Certificate of Achievement if they are affected by the retroactive six year rule. For further information, contact the Division of Apprenticeship Studies at 702-651-4163.
This degree prepares students for employment as a Journeyman Glazier with the Glaziers Union. Along with special program courses, academic skills, emphasizing related math, science, and human relations components are stressed to prepare students to meet the challenges common in the work place.

  1. Comprehend and utilize all applicable glazier tools and equipment.
  2. Comprehend and utilize formulas used in the calculations of all phases of glazier work.
  3. Comprehend the ability to troubleshoot and repair any problems that arise in glazing installations.

General Education Requirements (3 Credits)

Special Program Requirements (27 credits)

Any GLZR journeyman course offered for credit may be substituted for any of the above GLZR apprentice courses. Please contact the program coordinator for more details.