2023-2024 Catalog and Student Handbook 
    Feb 23, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog and Student Handbook
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MATH 116 - Technical Mathematics

Credits: 3
Concepts that will allow students to become proficient in the mathematics used in technical fields are the focal point of this course. Topics include fundamental operations with signed numbers; measurement systems; exponents; order of operations; scientific notation; algebraic expressions; linear equations and inequalities; an introduction to graphing; simple geometric figures, logarithms; and fundamentals of trigonometry. 

Student Learning Outcomes
  1. Perform basic operations with signed numbers.
  2. Simplify expressions using the order of operations.
  3. Manipulate numbers in scientific notation.
  4. Become familiar with the U.S. Customary & Metric systems of measurement.
  5. Simplify algebraic expressions.
  6. Solve linear equations and inequalities.
  7. Manipulate literal equations and formulas.
  8. Solve application problems.
  9. Graph linear equations in two variables on a coordinate axis.
  10. Calculate the slope of a line given two points.
  11. Compute perimeters (circumference of a circle), areas & volumes of simple geometric figures.
  12. Evaluate exponential functions.
  13. Evaluate logarithms using a calculator.
  14. Explore triangles and the fundamentals of trigonometry.
  15. Apply and extend all concepts.

Prerequisite: None
Corequisite: None
Graded: Letter Grade

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