2021-2022 Catalog and Student Handbook 
    Apr 25, 2024  
2021-2022 Catalog and Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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DA 124B - Integrated Science for Dental Assistants

Credits: 4
Anatomy and physiology of the body systems, with special emphasis on the head and neck. Embryology, histology and tooth morphology are included.

Student Learning Outcomes
  1. Identify the four types of teeth, Incisors, Cuspids, Premolars and Molars on a model.
  2. List the eruption date of the primary and permanent dentitions.
  3. Describe the stages of development that occur during pregnancy, prenatal, embryonic and Postnatal development.
  4. Describe the growth, calcification and eruption that takes place during the life cycle of a tooth.
  5. Identify the histological make up of the teeth including the anatomical parts, the tissues, the periodontium and the gingiva.
  6. Identify the bones of the head and neck on a model including the bony prominences, depressions openings and articulations.
  7. List the muscles of the head and neck and describe the function(s) of each muscle.
  8. Recognize the major arteries and veins and their branches which comprise the blood supply to the head and neck.
  9. Name the components of the respiratory system as they relate to the head and neck.
  10. Describe the location and function of each of the following glandular tissues: lacrimal glands, salivary glands, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland and thymus gland.
  11. Identify the Trigeminal Nerve and its branches describing the function of each branch and the injection site used for each branch during local anesthesia.
  12. List the components of the lymphatic system that are located in the head and neck and describe the spread of dental infections.
  13. Identify the components of the structural units of the human body.
  14. Recognize the structure and function of body systems.

Prerequisite: Admission to the Dental Assisting Program
Corequisite: DA 108B  and DA 115B  and DA 118B  

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