2021-2022 Catalog and Student Handbook 
    Dec 08, 2023  
2021-2022 Catalog and Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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FT 291 - Fire and Emergency Services Administration

Credits: 3
This course introduces the student to the organization and management of a fire and emergency services department and the relationship of government agencies to the fire service. Emphasis is placed on fire and emergency service, ethics, and leadership from the perspective of the company officer. FESHE Non-Core Course.

Student Learning Outcomes
  1. Describe the need for effective written and verbal communication skills.
  2. Identify and explain the concepts of span and control, effective delegation, and division of labor.
  3. Describe the history of management and supervision methods and procedures.
  4. Describe the various levels of leadership, roles, and responsibilities within the organization.
  5. Describe the traits of effective versus ineffective management styles.

Prerequisite: FT 101  or Instructor approval

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