2020-2021 Catalog and Student Handbook 
    Jul 14, 2024  
2020-2021 Catalog and Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Diagnostic Medical Sonography: General/Vascular Ultrasound Track, AAS [SONGVASAAS, 93 Total Credits]


This is a limited-entry program. Some of these courses are program prerequisites and MUST be completed before a student is considered eligible for entry into the Program. Students MUST attend a Health Programs orientation and meet with a Health Programs advisor for additional advisement.


Ultrasonography is a diagnostic imaging procedure that utilizes high frequency sound waves to image abdominal organs, vessels, the heart, and the developing fetus in the maternal uterus. Ultrasound can demonstrate masses, fluid accumulations, and other pathology in the patient. Ultrasound exams are performed under the supervision of a qualified physician. Students electing to take this area of study are prepared to enter the sonography field in the areas of abdominal, obstetrical/gynecological, and vascular ultrasound. The student, upon graduation, will be eligible to sit for the National Registry Exams for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Upon passing the exams, they will use the designation RDMS (Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer). This is a limited entry program and students must attend a health programs orientation and meet with a health programs advisor for additional counseling. The Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (www.caahep.org) upon the recommendation of the JRC-DMS which is located at 2025 Woodlane Drive, St. Paul, MN 55125, (651) 731-1582.


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Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Evaluate ultrasonic images for appropriate anatomy and recognize pathologic conditions.
  2. Determine proper sonographic techniques, transducer size, and image settings to obtain quality images while operating ultrasound equipment.
  3. Assess and facilitate basic patient care and comfort during sonographic procedures.
  4. Diagnose and adapt ultrasound examinations during the performance of an ultrasound procedure.

General Education Requirements (31 Credits)

Mathematics (3 Credits)

NOTE: Your first college-level MATH course MUST be completed before reaching 30 total college-level credits.

English Composition (3-5 Credits)

NOTE: Your first college-level ENG course MUST be completed before reaching 30 total college-level credits.

Fine Arts/Humanities/Social Science (3 Credits)

  • any AM prefix course
  • or  any ANTH prefix course (except ANTH 102 and ANTH 110L)
  • or  any ART prefix course
  • or  any COM prefix course
  • or  any ECON prefix course
  • or   or above
  • or  
  • or  any HIST prefix course
  • or  any MUS prefix course (except MUS 100)
  • or  any PHIL prefix course
  • or  any PSC prefix course
  • or  any PSY prefix course
  • or  any SOC prefix course
  • or  any THTR prefix course (except THTR 275)
  • or  
  • or  World Languages 101B or above (this includes the following course prefixes: ARA, ARM, CHI, FIL, FREN, GER, GRE, ITAL, JPN, KOR, LAT, PORT, RUS, SPAN, and THAI)