2020-2021 Catalog and Student Handbook 
    Feb 26, 2024  
2020-2021 Catalog and Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Project Management, BAS [PMGT-BAS, 120 Total Credits]


Admittance into the Bachelor of Applied Science in Project Management requires a minimum of an associate degree from a regionally accredited institution.


The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Project Management degree aligns with the Career and Technical Education (CTE) degrees by allowing for a seamless articulation of the Associate of Applied Science programs. The BAS in Project Management degree will be administered in an accelerated structure to meet industry demand.

The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree in Project Management provides a unique pathway for students to build upon the technical skills and knowledge acquired in attaining an associate degree. The BAS degree is designed to instill abilities and competence focusing on developing student communication, project management skills, and decision­ making abilities within a broader context rather than a single vocation.


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Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyze and apply the role of the project manager in driving an organization’s key performing indicators within an organization.
  2. Conduct planning activities that forecast project costs, completion, quality, and necessary resources.
  3. Develop and apply analytical frameworks, strategic planning skills, and managerial insight to be more effective project leaders and contributors.
  4. Utilize tools specific to project management, applicable to many industries, that ensure projects are on time, on budget, and within the project’s original scope.
  5. Acquire and apply the necessary theoretical management, knowledge, practices, and organizational structural work-flow processes required to be successful in any project management career designation.

General Education Requirements (37 Credits)

Mathematics (3 Credits)

NOTE: Your first college-level MATH course must be completed before reaching 30 total college-level credits.

English Composition (6-8 Credits)

NOTE: Your first college-level ENG course must be completed before reaching 30 total college-level credits.

Humanities (6 Credits)

Fine Arts (3 Credits)

Social Science (3 Credits)

Special Program Requirements (83 Credits)