2021-2022 Catalog and Student Handbook 
    Jun 14, 2024  
2021-2022 Catalog and Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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IRW 212B - Architectural II

Credits: 2
This course will teach the apprentice how to erect a wide variety of doors, stairs, handrails, ladders, toilet partitions, vanity supports, relief angles, flagpoles and how to install chain link fences.

Student Learning Outcomes
  1. Comprehend and use iron worker terminology.
  2. Recognize various types of doors, stairs and other objects to be constructed on the job site.
  3. Identify the various components needed in a project and properly install them.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to erect/install various objects as the job requires.
  5. Utilize proper work practices and observe safety procedures.

Prerequisite: None

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